Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuck in BA

Flew here Sunday on Aerolineas Argentinas from Auckland - one of the longest commercial flights in the world, so it´s not surprising that there are occasional hiccups. Having had two problem free trips to South America on Aerolineas, it shouldn´t have been a surprise that on this occasion the flight would be 6 hours late, and I´d miss my connection to Lima and La Paz. The fact that I was seated in row 13 on the initial flight from Wellington should have told me something as well!

I´m flying on to La Paz tomorrow, but there are worse places to be stuck. Today I got the light rail train ¨Tren de la Costa`up to Tigre. There didn´t seem to be the usual boat trips through the delta- the tide was too low, although it may be there weren´t enough tourists to make it worthwhile. It was fairly cold and a lot of things are closed up. There were some boats heading out, but looked mostly like locals being taken back to their villages with their supermarket shopping. But had a nice walk along the river, and a stop for empanadas at one of the few restaurants open. Although its cold, it is now very sunny - change from when I arrived, very cold and wet. I think I got a senior discount on the train back - either that or the local rate, and I don´t think my Spanish has improved that much!

On the bus back from the station we were stopped at the lights beside another bus. The driver had his door open and seemed to be cleaning a piece of equipment - then I realised he was emptying his mate cup - Argentinians don´t pass up on their late afternoon drink of mate tea, even if they´re supposed to be driving passengers in rush hour traffic!